Premium Custom Planter Designs

Modern Design Techniques & Materials
Catering to homeowners, landscape architects and interior designers, we provide a superior quality, customizable planter service using thick gauge aluminum, Corten/weathering steel or stainless steel.  
At Pot Inc. we are capable of producing large quantities of containers in a short amount of time. Our planter designs are programmed digitally and rapidly cut out by laser, preventing any adverse measurement issues. Seamless fabrication removes all evidence of welds and open corners. Our capabilities are not limited to rectangle and square shapes, we are capable of fabricating bowl, dish and cylinder forms of up to 7 feet wide. Our custom planters can also be used as fire vessels or water features.
Complimentary pot feet are automatically punched into the base of all our planters unless otherwise requested. These elevate the containers off of hard surfaces, providing better water drainage and reducing damage to the finishes. Rubber planter risers can also be used for levelling uneven surfaces.
We prefer to form our planters with a top inside edge/rim. The rim adds a robust aesthetic, significant strength, and necessary durability - preventing side wall bowing due to root bulge or heavy soils. 


We finish our aluminum planter designs with an environmentally responsible powder coating process. Our finishes include six sophisticated and finely textured, neutral powder coating colours. Custom colours are an option if your project requires an alternate colour. If desired, we can arrange a meeting to discuss the endless powder coat colour options.